Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is America! ... At Least For Now

(I wrote this as a Facebook comment, but decided to post as my blog.)

This is America, home of the Brave and land of the Free! This is America, not England, not Spain, not Mexico or Canada! This is America and we were birthed in pain, blood, and the lives of men and women seeking freedom from government control and tyranny. We wave the American Flag proudly. 911 reminded us that we are hated and despised as a nation and the enemy wants to destroy us and is bent on doing just that! Anything that deters, squelches, or hinders us from being America works in unison with those who want to destroy our country. Those who fight against the freedom to fly an American flag, pray, or bear arms strike at the heart of who we are. 911 proved that there are those who want us wiped off the face of the earth. 10 years later, it seems that most have forgotten. 

Maybe though it is deeper and more diabolical than we figured. Radical terrorists have not only infiltrated the USA, their ideology and their hatred has found sympathy with many. The enemy has snuck in and found sympathizers and has enlisted many who call themselves Americans all the while they hate the America that is free, that is strong, and that is the greatest nation in the world. Those Americans who hate America should leave! It is a sad day we live in when we have a president who bows to Arab leaders and apologizes for America being America. We are on a downward spiral and there are those right here in America, who call themselves Americans, who serve in our very own government as President and congress, etc. and those who pull their strings (George Soros, etc.) who are hell bent to bring America down and destroy that which we have truly enjoyed and held dear to our hearts - our freedom! 

Socialism is not freedom! Government Control is NOT FREEDOM!!! See, what is sad is that this country was formed as a REPUBLIC, NOT A DEMOCRACY! Republic is rule of law. A Democracy is majority rule. When the majority is conservative - conservatives rule. When the majority is liberal - liberals rule. Whatever is majority rules whether it be liberal, conservative, Islam, etc. If Radical Islam becomes majority, then they rule! They don't just worship Allah, but they make everyone else do the same and if you don't they KILL YOU!!!  

Radical Islam has been given a pass by many in this country because we need to be tolerant. Tolerant my hind parts! Tolerance says, if you want to worship Mickey Mouse, go ahead, just don't force that on me. There are those who are not only tolerant of Radical Islam but who cater to and give sympathy to. Don't dare mention Jesus or fly an American flag here in AMERICA but give preference to Muslims to build a Mosque on ground zero! We have crazy people making decisions now which will bring America down and I can't stand it! 

I can only say that the Bible is true! We are closer than we have ever thought! Spirit of Anti-christ is at work deluding the masses and clearing the way for The Anti-christ to come on the scene! People, I love this country and I am American through and through, red, white and blue, but this country is in the hands of the wrong people and those people are representative of a larger problem! There is something so much bigger at work here. 

I know I could be wrong (I doubt it though!), but I think that we are on the brink of something catastrophic! In one way, it is sad and it is scary, but in the other, it is exciting! The Bible talks about all of what we are seeing. In the last days, men will become lovers of self and haters of God! Think about it. How can so much hostility be against America and the American way of life by Radical Islam? They see us as a 'Christian' nation! I know we left that a long time ago, but they see us as such and they hate it because they hate JESUS CHRIST!!! 

I hold to the words Jesus said; "I shall return like a thief in the night!" Could it be that we are on the brink of the antichrist coming on the scene? Maybe? Maybe not! I am not looking for antichrist, but for Jesus Christ! Jesus Himself said He would come when least expected. I find that not many really expect Jesus to come any time soon. That is when He said it would be! Things are falling into place where the people of America and the world will become dependent upon government. Antichrist will make it where ALL must depend upon him or die. Thank God that Jesus said He would take His own out before The Antichrist comes on the scene! I'm ready! Are you? I love America! Will die for America and for the freedom we have, but it seems that we are so much closer to losing that freedom. I still hope that things turn around. I pray that they do! But, I know to that it may not happen. That's sad, but then as a follower of Jesus, I find it exciting as I anticipate the greatness of all He has in store for believers! Even so, come Lord Jesus! With all that is happening and all that is about to happen, good or bad, I quote an American hero of 911, Todd Beamer - "Let's Roll"!!!