Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Is anyone really happy today? Really! From social media to walking in a local Wal-Mart it appears that many just are not happy. So much of the complaining and the negativity floating around out there is a pretty good indicator that many are flat out miserable. The scowls and frowns on the faces I see are discouraging to the say the least! One study has the United States as being tied with France when it comes to the happiness countries. The sad fact that we are tied for 13th place! Wow! That is certainly nothing to be happy about.

Merriam-Webster defines happiness as ‘a state of wellbeing and contentment’. Hmmm… Very interesting indeed.

The fact of the matter is that here in the United States of America, we have been blessed beyond measure and have so much to be thankful for yet we are not happy and we tend to want even more. Even those who are considered poor have the ‘niceties’ of life. On top of the basics; food, shelter, and clothing most everyone has a cell phone, television, and Internet service. The majority of people have so much more than those things, yet so many are still unhappy.

I find this a little unsettling but I am reminded that real happiness was never intended to be found in possessions or even in blessings. Things, status, and achievement were never intended to bring happiness yet most of us live life just the opposite. We have bought into the lie that if we can only get the right toys (car, truck, clothes, ‘bling’, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, family, etc.), reach a certain status (fame, position, popularity), or only do something grand (win the Lottery, be promoted to a great job, etc.) that we will finally arrive at ‘that place’ and we will then be HAPPY and live Happily Ever After!!! WOOHOO! Right? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having possessions, desiring to better one’s self, or even to become famous, but if these things are sought out with the hopes of finding happiness then disappointment shall follow. A sense of accomplishment can be felt, excitement can be experienced, and even a momentary rush of ecstatic celebration, yet these things are short-lived and cannot be held. They will dissipate as smoke from a dying fire. It’s only momentary.

Happiness is something that we all seek. The only problem is that we simply seek for it in the wrong things. Happiness is a gift that can only come from the giver of that gift and not in things.  To expand Merriam-Webster’s definition, happiness is that state of being satisfied with ‘who’ you are based upon ‘Whose you are’ and in that that you are ‘favored and loved’.

Inside of every person is that innate desire to be wanted. Some may say it is to be loved while others say it is to be respected, but I have found that the greatest desire is simply to be wanted by someone else. This inherent desire was placed inside of us by our very own Creator, God Himself. In creating us, God placed this overwhelming desire to be wanted and to be desired by Him! This sounds so elementary and simple and maybe it is but I find that so many miss it. Even though many people seek for it in church and ‘churchy stuff’, just as happiness is not found in material things it is not found in religion or religious practices either. Many attempt to find it there and many claim to find it but in reality they don’t. Happiness is as easy as discovering AND living life from the vantage point that we are truly wanted by God Himself! God wants us, He loves us, AND He favors us! God really is crazy about us and He desires that we truly experience real happiness and experience it to the fullest! Happiness, that state of being content and fulfilled, comes only when we live life the way it was intended. Happiness is life lived to the fullest in God. Nothing! Absolutely nothing else will work!


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